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The activities of Ålesund Bilsenter AS company are oriented towards long-term cooperation with the Customer; this cooperation is based on the highest quality of services provided by the service workshop. Our efforts are appreciated by the increasing number of satisfied Customers. The service conforms to the latest standards, is equipped with everything what is necessary for the repair and tuning of vehicles. We want to develop, therefore we care about personnel qualifications, replace the equipment, and we are still expanding the area of ​​the workshop. Combining new technologies with the experience, we provide the best working conditions and the highest quality of services. We invite you to see our offer and gallery.

Car repair

Ålesund Bilsenter AS provides comprehensive repair of vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes of all makes. The Customers of our service are offered professional mechanics of vehicles and technical inspections carried out by the best professionals and with the use of the highest quality components and tools.

Diagnostic Station

The range of services performed by Ålesund Bilsenter AS company also includes technical inspections of vehicles. You can use our offer and carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. Our qualified employees offer a full range of technical inspection of the highest standard.

Mechanical tuning

Ålesund Bilsenter AS offers all services that are aimed at increasing and decreasing the power of the car. By modifying already existing and installation of new vehicle components, we give the vehicle the individual and unique character. We always focus on quality and reliability, and that is why we use at work the best, legal and most modern equipment available on the market.

Suspension tuning

We perform work related to the suspension tuning – starting from the changing of wheels and tires into low-profile ones, ending up with the changing of the suspension settings and replacing shock absorbers.


Ålesund Bilsenter AS gives the vehicles a unique character, not only under the bonnet. Thanks to the innovative technology of water transfer printing method, we are able to apply any pattern on your car. The elements made by us have the structure of automotive paint.


Our approach to each project is very individual. For details and pricing, please contact us today! We provide each customer with professional assistance at every stage of the order implementation.

Hadde bilen inne for en sjekk av ulyder på venstre side foran ved bremsing. Hadde hatt bilen inne på merkeverksted uten at de klarte å fikse det. 1 time etterpå var bilen ordnet og uten lyder. Bilen ble levert på jobben etter avtale. Knallbra! Rask og god service, meget fornøyd! Anbefales!

Tom Skar

Veldig flink mekaniker, de fikser havari og eg få diagnose både planlegge til neste renovert min bil Świetni mechanicy



fast diagnose og reparasjon for en fornuftig pris ,betalig for en faktisk arbeidstid , super kontakt, hjertelig anbefaler !

Marek Gajewski


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Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.

Colin Powell

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